North Cotswold Cycling Club

Ride Etiquette

Group riding is at the heart of the North Cotswold Cycling Club, providing the opportunity to cycle in fantastic scenery whilst enjoy the company and camaraderie of your fellow riders. Riding in a group provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, improve your fitness, explore new areas and enjoy the extra speed of following a wheel.

The club rides are considered a supportive ride where riders help one another if they can. However, riders accept responsibility for their own conduct, equipment and safety during Club activities.

It is important to remember that you take part in Club rides entirely at your own risk. To protect yourself from claims from other road users or pedestrians in the event of a collision, all riders should have third party liability insurance – available through Cycling UK, British Cycling and elsewhere.

When riding with the club, please remember you are representing the North Cotswold Cycling Club and need to conduct yourself accordingly. There are some basic rules and good practice when riding in a group so that it is safe and enjoyable. All riders should familiarise themselves with and attempt to adhere to the NCCC’s Ride Guide.

British Cycling also provides some great videos on cycling in a group which are well worth a watch. Even experienced riders sometimes forget these good disciplines.

How to ride in a group – Ridesmart