New Club Kit

New Club Kit

Hi Everyone

Well it’s taken me far too long, for which I apologise, but finally we can take orders for the new club kit. The first order will be placed as one big order to enable us to get good prices on the items we want. Prices are attached and they show the normal RRP and the price to us as a club (in the pink column)This price will apply to this first order only and will then return to normal RRP.

We would ask you to place your orders at Cotswold Cycles, where you can also try on sizes etc in case you are unsure. We would like to have a firm order to process by 9th of May which gives you two weeks to get your orders in. As with normal club orders you will need to pay for your items at point of order. The shop will in time start to carry kit for off the shelf purchase but this will be at normal RRP pricing.

If you are not able to get into the shop then please feel free to email orders to me and we will happily supply you with an invoice/link for payment.

You will see the final design attached. We tried very hard to take on board everybody’s comments and made some design changes and we really do hope you like the outcome! I am afraid NCCC remains in place of the clubs full name, it was changed but just looked a bit too much and a bit old fashioned, sorry but you run the risk of being mistaken for North Clapton Cricket Club!!

We look forward to a great order on the kit, it was very popular in the vote and it would be amazing to see the club wear it with pride.

All the best


North Cotswold CC x SG kit designs V4