Coronavirus NCCC Club Run Guidance

Coronavirus NCCC Club Run Guidance

Our group rides are back, albeit with some COVID-friendly restrictions. British Cycling have produced guidance on the safe running of club rides, to adhere to current government guidance. As a club we must ensure we run the groups in a way that will keep all our riders safe.

Most importantly, if you or any of your household show any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been asked to self-isolate, do not turn up. The club may consider this a disciplinary issue.


  • In-line with government and British Cycling guidelines, NCCC rides will be strictly limited to 6 people per group (including the ride leader).
  • Riders will have to pre-register via a Google Form to ensure that groups are limited to 6 and that there are sufficient ride leaders. Members will not be able to ride if they have not signed up in advance – this will be strictly enforced. Anyone trying to join in on the day will be asked to leave.
  • If a ride leader has not volunteered and added their name to the sign-on sheet then unfortunately the ride will not go ahead.
  • The sign-on sheet will be made available each week when the rides are published and riders are requested to have signed on 48 hors before the ride.
  • Spaces are given to riders on a first come first served basis, though please only sign up if you are confident you are going to be able to ride. If your plans change, please remove your name from the sign-on sheet and if the ride is already full place a message on WhatsApp or email the Club that a place has come available. If the ride leaders plans change then they should try to arrange another ride leader as replacement. Either directly to other members of the group using WhatsApp or through the Ride Captain if they are not using WhatsApp.
  • Only members will be able to ride, no guest riders will be allowed. This ensures we have all riders contact details.

Attending a ride

  • Start times for each group will be staggered to ensure that people congregating at the shop are kept to a minimum. The times will be available on the sign-on sheet. Aim to arrive promptly before group is due to roll out. As groups will be departing at different times, please do not arrive too early to keep the number of people congregating to a minimum
  • Designated areas will be set aside at the carpark for each group
  • Social distancing of 2 metres (or 1m+ with mitigations) should be observed at all times.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices at all times. In particular, avoid spitting, sneezing and coughing that could affect nearby riders or the general public. We would recommend that hands are washed and sanitised regularly.
  • In these circumstances, it is even more important that riders should be as self-sufficient as possible in dealing with mechanicals. We advise that each rider deals with their own mechanicals so as to maintain social distancing (friendly advice may be offered by your fellow group members!)

Post ride

  • The Revolution CafĂ© will be open post ride but please follow the guidelines of the Rev and Cotswold Cycles.
  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a positive test having recently attended a Club Ride, please make the Club aware, so that people you have been in contact with can be informed. It is likely any official Track and Trace would also follow up on this.

The reputation of the club and the safety of everyone relies on all taking part in club runs following current government guidance and we will need you to work with us on this one. Riders take part at their own risk. However, we still hope to make sure these rides are fun and allow you to enjoy the roads of our beautiful countryside with good company.


Happy and safe riding!